About Me

Hey, Welcome to SIP TO LUMP SUM. I’m Gaurav Popat, the founder of SIP TO LUMP SUM. I am glad to see you here, maybe you are here because:

You might be: 

    • Gaurav PopatAn employee in any MNC company and want to Start Investing
    • And want to learn about how, why, and where to Invest.
    • Want to learn about Mutual Funds?
    • Want to know does Mutual Funds really works? 




If you searching for all the things discussed above, this is the right place for you to visit. 
What you will find here? 
    • You will learn here – Why to Invest, How to Invest, and Where to Invest. 
    • You will find here how to invest in stocks. 
    • You will also get knowledge about Mutual funds and How to invest in it?

Who I’m not? 

I am not from a finance background or not a fundamental expert.
All things given in the whole blog is only from my personal study and experience. 

Then Who am I?

I am an Electrical Engineer, who is passionate about the Stock Market and investing. I want my money to work and generate wealth from Investing. I do not have any certificate in technical or fundamental analysis or even finance. 

All the information on this blog is based on my learning and experience only.

 “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” 
              -Warren Buffett 

My Story.

I have started my journey toward the Stock Market and Investing. When I was in my Graduation, one of my uncles advised me that by just doing a regular 9 to 5 job no one can generate massive wealth.

For creating massive wealth for life you need to put your money to work rather than poring it simply in banks that gave 4% annual returns. which in some cases could not able to beat inflation which leads to a decrease in the value of my money.

Then I started finding options, in which I invest my money to work and generate massive wealth for me. From many, I found the best option is the stock market, though this is a highly risky option and it may not be good for many people. 
I found the Stock Market as my passion, after learning and practicing for the last four years. I have found that my knowledge and experience can help people who are not from a finance background and like they can also learn and invest themselves. 
Hence I have started my blog SIP TO LUMP SUM to help those people who are not from a finance background but need to invest in the stock market themselves. 
I am sure you will find my blog very helpful. 


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